[ZurichTimes] The News on Nibiru News is getting more dire by the day. As allows readers and listeners will have to decide and discern for themselves.

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However, given track record of NASA [Never a Straight Answer] sometimes people such as Michael have more credibility.

Internet Shutdown will Precede Nibiru Arrival from Nibiru News

According to this channel the recent ICBM testing by the Trump Administration was not related to the North Korean charade, but rather related to the imminent arrival of Nibiru and the return of the infamous Annunaki folks. Trump is testing his missiles.

Nibiru News website: http://www.someonesbones.com/uncategorized/anunnaki-portals-spawn-across-the-globe/

Professor Lowell hypothesizes that Earth is being softened up for a massive Anunnaki invasion; once Nibiru reaches 0.3 astronomical units from Earth, legions of Anunnaki villains will emerge through the gateways and plunder our natural resources, including our gold. Males will be harvested for food or enslaved for labor; fertile females will be whisked away to serve as breeding cattle, Professor Lowell said. He fears Earth’s defenses will not hold against a massive invasion of aliens.

This quote sounds something straight out of a movie; namely Jupiter Ascending in which Ancient Bloodline Families harvest planets for humans and other resources. We suppose that is why it is called the Human Resources Department and they always come in Peace?

Are we Ripe for Harvest?

And ironically such a scenario is what will be happening later this year around the September timeframe when Venus and Jupiter are in a strange alignment and there are many videos on the Internet around the September 23, 2017 timeline.

They would have to kill the internet to stop the spread of such information. It is therefore time to backup your data and files regardless of whether this dark planet and its dark inhabitants arrive now or later.

Something big is coming whether it is Nibiru or Economic Collapse or War or something even more crazy, but something big is definitely brewing in the Witch’s Cauldron.

Here is what Hollywood is Imaging for this Year with this Movie called GeoStorm? Why this time and why this time because according to the Wikipedia entry for this movie the timeline has changed several times for its release time.

The film was originally set for release on March 25, 2016, but in August 2014, Warner cancelled this, and released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on that date instead. On December 11, 2014, WB shifted its live-action animated film Jungle Book to 2017 and gave its previous date from March 25, 2016 then October 21, 2016 to Geostorm. In September 2015, the studio again moved back the film from October 21, 2016, to January 13, 2017. In June 2016, the studio announced the release had been moved back from January 13, 2017, to October 20, 2017. the film will have an IMAX 3D release.

Ancient Annunaki Cities Discovered In South Africa ~ ADG (UK) Blog

Jonathan Kleck is another Seer that has been having Visions and Signs about the “Bugs” and “Locusts” coming out very soon. Prepare yourselves because it is often the subtle synchronicities that indicate timelines and decisions for those that can see see and hear.

Backup backup and then again backup because once this knowledge and data is lost the recovery process will be very difficult and unlikely to be 100% complete.

Here are some alternatives for Operating Systems and how to create a Mega Account where you can get 50GB of data for free.