[ZurichTimes] Who Framed Roger Rabbit and covered up the Seth Rich Murder?

So many culprits and so much Chess and so much intrigue, but who are the real players and who are the real decision makers and who are the real White Hats?

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Once again here are the Mega Files in case an alternative corrupted file is being released. Things are getting very real and very serious and very Mega very fast.



Clean Files vs. Corrupted Files and Luciferian Pedophile Elite Games.

The Accidental Journalist series shows us the Power of One and the Power of the Written Word. Thank you Trish.

Why is the MetaDATA so important? Because it is little bits and pieces of information that can convict them and is evidence that will stand up in Court.

Ultimately this entire case has to be resolved in the Courts, regardless of how corrupt and flawed the Courts are.

The 650,000 Missing Emails therefore have to be retrieved and scrubbed clean of any evidence and hence the raid in Dearborn, Michigan to get the “Lost Hillary Emails.”

And where is the evidence residing it is in the Servers yes, but also in the numerous Blackberry phones floating around DC which are linked as a “Thin Client” to other servers under the control of Foreign Nationals and Governments.

Namely the Saudi/ISI Awan Brothers Connection and why we now witnessing a major blowup in the Middle East with the breaking diplomatic ties with Qatar. Yes these events are all interconnected.

The DATA is the Evidence and the Evidence is the DATA.

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It should not be a surprise therefore that when the FBI Obama spying on Trump Susan Rice Scandal was still brewing Obama was tweeting about we only collect “MetaDATA”.

Remember follow the MetaDATA…