[ZurichTimes] It is turning out to be more and more bizarre and confusing by the day. Things are moving so fast we hardly have a chance to digest the latest news before something else grabs the headline.


Below is a short summary of how Qatar, FBI Comey, Wikileaks, Trump Insider Leaks, Reality Winner Arrest, Qatar, Pipelines, Pedophile, PizzaGate, Podesta, Hillary, Clinton Foundation, and the Seth Rich Murder Investigation are all inter-related and connected.

Yes that was a long list and we may have even missed a few actors, but watch these two videos below as a starting point.










Summary of Events thus far;

  • Reality Winner was in fact working for a CIA cover agency called Pluribus International Corporation and was in fact in based in Qatar as an Military Analyst and spoke 4 languages – English, Farsi, Pashto and Dari. So not a typical young Blonde in the Military just looking for a job in that sense, but a rather covertly qualified young lady who was rabidly ant-Trump. Good cover to use her as a cover story to keep the Russian Election Interference Dossier Narrative going a little bit longer. And of course Reality Winner is a Mockery in Reverse of the CNN Fake News memes that has now gone mainstream. If this young lady turns out to be a young boy or a secret agent for the Muslim Brotherhood you were warned here first.
  • Former FBI Director Comey is due to testify today in DC and in the Spy vs. Spy Wars we are now living through both sides are making their moves and counter moves. Comey was key to keeping the heat off the Hillary Crime Syndicate known as the Clinton Foundation, but with its ouster that house of cards is fast collapsing. This entire “Pay for Play” scheme that stole Billions will now be revealed or covered up if a secret deal can be reached.
    hillary what difference does it make
  • The MetaData from the Seth Rich Files that Crowdsource the Truth is leading is uncovering so much data and evidence that they are due to appear on YouTube with Cernovich to make some explosive allegations about a Mossad/Saudi/Muslim Brotherhood//Pakistani ISI Spy Ring that was operating out of Congress and Senate run by the Awan Brothers/Wasserman-Schultz/Weiner/Huma Abedin. Yes they were all connected to this Blackberry based “thin client” network spy op.
  • The Narrative that will be spun from this Spy Ring will be that it was all a Muslim Brotherhood Operation run by the Pakistani ISI and Qatar. These Bad Foreign Governments and Agencies were spying on Pure and Innocent Congressmen and they must now be punished. Hence the devastating diplomatic and economic blockade of Qatar that has just occurred is in fact also a veiled and not so veiled warning message to Pakistan.donaldofarabia20170527_trump1
  • Overnight Qatar has been reduced to feeble nation. That is what they have planned for Pakistan as well if it does not tow the right line. The Saudi financing behind the Spy Ring will be conveniently forgotten because Trump just did a Sword Dance with them so we cannot have blowback from that. Plus Saudi has a $350 Billion bill from Uncle Sam aka Donald of Arabia and where and how are they to pay when you are know they are broke? Easiest and quickest answer is to Rob Peter to pay Paul. As in rob Qatar to pay America. Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund alone as $335 Billion in it and what will now all be seized as proceeds from Crime and funding Terrorism. Watch for the Al-Thani Royal Family of Qatar to be all in London very soon and the a regime change in that country.

  • If readers can see the maps above they will notice that the real target behind all of this maneuvering and chess playing is the encirclement and decapitation of Iran and Pakistan. The geography is the key. That is the motherlode and the ultimate goal. Once Syria has been defeated and Damascus turned into a ruinous heap then the Anglo American Wahabi Zionist Alliance can confidently move on Iran and Pakistan to appease the False Gods of Zionist Israel. That covert war has long been running, but now with the attack on the Iranian Parliament and Imam Khomeini’s shrine the war has moved into a new phase – more violent and more direct.
  • The Saudi Wahabi Anglo American Zionist Alliance has inadvertently setup themselves for a grand defeat and checkmate by the Russian-Iranian-Chinese-Turkish Alliance. They have now provided a Template for the Regime Change of All such Royal Families from the Region will be removed which is the process that is about to begin now. Turkey is in fact sending troops to its Military Base in Qatar perhaps in a feeble attempt to stop the upcoming removal of the Royal Family from Power.
  • The writing is on the wall as they say. Perhaps even the Western Wall? The Saudi Wahabi Anglo American Zionist Alliance has now attacked Syrian Government Troops in Syria as in the Americans now have boots on the ground and all Anderson Pooper can report on is Russian Colusion on CNN Fake News. Yes we are now heading towards a meeting of the Saudi Wahabi Anglo American Zionist Alliance vs. Russian-Iranian-Chinese-Turkish Alliance war to end all wars in Syria, the birthplace of civilization and in Damascus the oldest inhabited city in the world. The Luciferian Pedophile Elites are lusting for World War and that is what they will have. Both the War and the Dishonour. Shame on you Donald of Arabia for being a rabid warmonger. Is this the outcome you wanted Alex Jones and crew? War to revive the US economy?


  • Here is what betrayal and backstabbing look like. Shake hands one day and then stab them in the back and steal all their money the next day.  In the World of the Occult this process is called a Blood Sacrifice and when you can sacrifice a blood relation as in a first born or a first cousin then the more Powers and Principalities that you will have at your service. The Ouroboros and the Parable of Snake tale courtesy of the first Jewish President.

[Trump at the Arab Islamic Summit in May, 2017]: In Mosul, American troops are supporting Kurds, Sunnis and Shias fighting together for their homeland. Qatar, which hosts the U.S. Central Command, is a crucial strategic partner. Saudi Arabia’s vision for 2030 is an important and encouraging statement of tolerance, respect, empowering women, and economic development.

[DebkaFile] The Saudi-UAE warning to the Qatari emir did not specify the penalties he faced for disobedience. The virtual blockade announced Monday may be the first course. Our sources in the Gulf disclose that a small-scale military operation against a Qatari target might still be on the cards. Neither do they rule out the undercover agencies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE engineering a coup d’etat for unseating the Al-Thani clan in Doha.