[ZurichTimes] One of the latest interviews by the Boys George an Jason. This round is with Robert Steele and his Campaign to take back the government from the Deep State.


Our IndieGoGo non-profit fund-raising campaign has gone live. We are seeking $250,000 to bring Cynthia McKinney home from Bangladesh where she is teaching a US-accredited MBA course, and to put Cynthia McKinney, Robert Steele and others on the road in June – September.

Robert Steele Summary;

  • Dick Cheney was the 911 Mastermind and got help from Israeli Mossad and others.
  • Along with Cynthia McKinney and the Crowdsource the Truth he is planning a nationwide bus tour to take back the government.
  • George and Jason are on the right track with the Seth Rich Murder investigation and where it is heading is towards uncovering the vast Luciferian Pedophile Network aka PizzaGate.


A remarkable interview by this team, who are still under a lot of suspicion for their links to foreign intelligence services and other questionable groups. In an effort to present both sides of the issue here their interview and here are what some of their detractors are saying.

What is the truth in of of this mess of information? Readers and Listeners will have to discern that for themselves, but our analysis suggests the A-Team is back. The Amateur hour is done as we are now approaching the end so the Professionals are now back in.

The Negev Brigade of Mossad is back as in the “Old Mossad” as in part of the team behind the 911 events vs. the “New Mossad” that is now working with DynCorp in Organ Harvesting and Child Trafficking Rings.



Energy Pioneers Have a Way of Dying and Retiring to Tel-Aviv. Love you guys. That’s Why I Love the Old Mossad. @wikileaks pic.twitter.com/e8LJOwgfJ6

— TruthLeaks (@GeorgWebb) June 11, 2017

George does not hide his liking for French Mossad or that he is receiving information from them. He even posts it on his Twitter.



The Mossad boys from 1948 are back and feeding information to selected parties because what we are witnessing here is an episode out of Spy vs. Spy. As in one Intelligence Service battling with another Intelligence Agency both domestic and foreign.

Where this investigation and narrative are headed is towards one thing – war, but on two tracks – civil war and foreign wars. Because that is the only way to cover up the extent of the findings here. What is being exposed here is the vast and dark Luciferian Pedophilic Cabal that is controlled the levers of powers and politics.

It is our contention that all of these stories are inter-related and hence this Seth Rich investigation are laying the groundwork for and building the narrative towards blaming the biggest Spying Scandal in modern US history away from the Russians and towards the Muslim Brotherhood and their funders (as in Qatar) and their IT Tech Support enablers (as in Pakistan). Yes the Pasties will get the blame once again.

The focus will now shift to these two nations and the soon the Marines will be taking action to distract the American public away from the Domestic troubles. The Masterminds behind it all as in Zionist Israel and Wahhabist Saudi Arabia are now off the hook.


Here is the other side of the Story as George Webb turns out to have a brother called Dave Action who is an Actor as well as a Computer Expert? Here is his testimony and now the webb and the hole gets deeper and darker and weirder. Discernment as always.



Is this fiasco what happens when you Speak the Truth or Crowdsource the Truth?

Who is running the Psy-Op here?

What is the Truth?

Who is on First if Watt is on Second?