[ZurichTimes] The strangeness and creep factor at CERN has just recently gone through the roof and we can only watch in disbelief that was in happening around us. The truth is too much to handle for sane minds nowadays. If you are not losing your mind these days then perhaps you have already checked out some time ago.


We now have a strange video that purports to show the Face of Kali the Destroyer peeking back at us with her Tongue sticking out through the Collider at CERN.

Kali has been making appearances in different places and was even seen in NYC and even Obama happy to oblige.



Now on to the AI aspect of it all through the PanDA. The PanDA [Production and Distributed Analysis] at CERN it is a reference to the AI powered database that is controlling the nefarious activities there.


There is a lot of perhaps new information in this post so we apologize in advance, but at the pace at which things are moving this post has taken us about two weeks to piece together. We are posting even though it is not complete and new information is coming in everyday. We may update as the time passes.

The research of Crowdsource the Truth, Defango, Quinn Michaels are not related and interconnected in ways that believe may not at first want to believe. The video content has to be seen to be believed. No point judging without considering the evidence. We are trying to promote an evidence based approach on this site.

The best authority on all the strangeness and the strangelets emerging from CERN has to be Kev Baker and Anthony Patch. Their regular updates put locals to shame.

The activities at CERN are so out of the ordinary that its affects are even being felt in False Flag terror because of its Occult connections to the Aleister Crowley and Gang with their Triple 9 Club, which is ironically the logo of CERN and also 666 in reverse. If readers and viewers ever wondered is there a logic to the string of recent False Flag terror operations then the answer is a definite Yes.


Thanks to the work of Ole Dammegard and Max Egan for alerting us to connections. It is only citizen journalists that are doing any work these days because the likes of CNN and MSNBC have obviosuly gone over the Dark Side.

Even the round architecture has Occult symbolism and meaning which only a few have caught onto and are exposing.